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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Curbside Appeal

"Curbside appeal" refers to the first impression that your house makes on potential buyers. Is the front door grungy? Paint it. Are the screens on doors or windows torn? Replace them. Tidy the grounds, porches and garage to hide all clutter from view. If you have a lawn, make sure the grass is trimmed and edged. Not only can curbside appeal make a lasting impression on the buyer; it can affect whether the other real estate agents will return with other clients as well.

The Entryway

The entryway can set the right tone with a trim, attractive door, decorative welcome mat or other thoughtful accent pieces. In spring and summer, consider placing an oversized pot bursting with flowers and greenery near the doorway. In fall or winter consider a tasteful dried wreath to welcome prospective homebuyers.

Make a Visual Impact!

From the doorway looking into your home, what first draws your eye? Make sure it's eye-catching, whether a piece of artwork, a cozy fire burning in the fireplace or the windows opening to the stunning views beyond.

Cleanliness Matters

A clean house is imperative. Make the beds, put away the dishes, tidy the closets and take out the trash. The kitchen and bathroom should shine! (These two rooms can sell a home.) You want to present a home that buyers can imagine themselves moving into the next day.


Lighting helps make a house look spacious show it off to best effect. During the day, leave the curtains open to let in as much natural light as possible, and don't hesitate to leave lights on throughout the house. For evening showings, this is a must! Combining overhead lights with tabletop lamp can create a warm, richly-textured glow. Accent lighting can also draw attention to elements you want to emphasize.

Eliminate All Negative Odors

Your home should be free of any odors, whether smoke, pet odors or even strong, chemical smells from cleaning agents.

Keep Pets Out of the Way

If have dogs, consider taking them along with you. If not thatís not possible, make sure they're secured in the backyard or outdoor pen.

Be Gone!

Let the real estate agent do the selling. Your presence can make the buyer nervous and induce them to spend less time - not more - touring your home. Contact me for more information.

Remodeling Impact

When the dust settles, what are the benefits of a home improvement project? See this article.

Note: The information supplied on this property is gathered from sources deemed reliable. No warranties, either express or implied, are made by sue strebe real estate. Purchasers should verify all facts. This listing is subject to prior sale, withdrawal or change by owner.
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