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Frequently Asked Questions

Who represents me?

Thatís a question you get to decide. Any and every agent you visit with should describe to you what your options are as to representation. If you are a buyer, you can choose to hire a buyers agent, who will represent your best interests, and who owes you fiduciary responsiblities, or, you can work with a transaction broker, who represents neither the buyer nor the seller, but facilitates the transaction He/she will owe you basic licensee duties. The other option is to work directly with the Sellers agent, who owes you basic licensee duties, but owes his/her fiduciary responsibilities to the Seller. Donít hesitate to ask me directly what all of this means - itís a somewhat confusing scenario and you need to make the best choice for yourself.

What are the zoning laws in Mora County?

The County adopted, in 1995, a system of guiding development, called the Development Guidance System (DGS). It lays out where and how development can happen. Please, if youíve any ideas as to development, contact Ken Coffee, the Mora County Planning and Zoning Director, Ken Coffey, at 387-5393, to purchase a copy of this book.

What is an acequia?

Simply put, itís an irrigation ditch. Designed to bring water downstream for the purpose of irrigating agricultural land, acequias in New Mexico have a fascinating cultural basis. Many Northern New Mexico properties have acequias going through them. When one owns water rights on an acequia, one also has Ďditch rightsí and inherits certain responsibilities. I can fill you in on details - each individual ditch has their own rules and regs. I know how to ask the right questions so that you will make an informed decision when buying such a property.

How do I price my home/land for sale?

I understand that you want the best price for your property. There are many strategies for reaching this goal, but overpricing is not one of them. Overpricing can have negative effects, and the least desirable is delaying or preventing the sale of your home. The following are a few consequences of overpricing: Initial pricing is crucial to the fast sale of your home or investment property. After the first few weeks or months on the market, your property can grow stale. Often, if a house is on the market for an extended period of time, it eventually will be sold at a reduced price. Experience shows that a more immediate sale nets the highest profit for the seller. This is even more critical if the market is static or declining (often called a buyers market). Some real estate agents or competing sellers may use your home's price as leverage to sell other homes in your area that are priced lower than your property. As always, first impressions are difficult to change. By pricing your home at a price the market will support, Iíll be able to effectively use all the marketing programs available to get the best possible results quickly and effectively. Sellers sometimes ask, "So what if I'm overpriced? Someone can still make me an offer, can't they?" Most buyers will not want to insult a seller with a lowball offer, and thus wonít even bother to look. Buyers are astute, and it's easy to determine if a property is overpriced. Buyers may question the motivation of the seller, and a trust issue is suddenly introduced. Even when the price is reduced, your home might be overlooked because it is still thought of as being "overpriced." Contact me for more information.

How do I best prepare my home for sale?

Cleanliness, lighting, odors, first sight and pets can all affect the presentation of your home to a potential buyer, as can furnishings and decor. Please read our Guide to Preparing Your Home For Sale.

How can I finance my purchase?

Sometimes an owner is willing to finance a purchase, more frequently a bank will provide the necessary financing. Should you get a new mortgage, a home equity loan or just pay cash? Weíll discuss what the potential alternatives are.

Note: The information supplied on this property is gathered from sources deemed reliable. No warranties, either express or implied, are made by sue strebe real estate. Purchasers should verify all facts. This listing is subject to prior sale, withdrawal or change by owner.
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